Dwarves of Runenberg is the first DLC for the acclaimed rogue-lite tactical RPG The Last Spell.

Dwarves of Runenberg adds a new map in the town of Runenberg, where destructible, explosive crystals and mob-spawning statues will challenge even The Last Spell’s most renowned tacticians.The DLC will also add a Dwarven playable character class while introducing a perks-granting system tied to the race of each warrior and three types of weapons paired with their own distinctive skills. Dwarves of Runenberg’s additions collectively offer refreshing alternative strategic approaches to The Last Spell’s intensely rewarding battles against droves of monsters.


  • A new map: Runenberg. Uncover the power of the Runestones and fight ancestral Dwarven spirits.
  • A new race: command the Dwarves and discover their unusual skills and outward appearances.
  • 3 new weapons: flesh out your gameplay with the War Shield, the Cannon and the Gauntlet, coming with their own abilities.
  • More than 10 new trinkets: find and equip these medals to discover their perks and create new gameplay combinations.


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