Cross Blitz is a unique RPG deckbuilder featuring fast-paced tactical combat with loads of cards to collect and synergies to wield - bringing the best of the genre in both an extensive roguelite mode and a refreshing interconnected adventure. Explore, level up, craft new cards and build the perfect decks as you carve your own path to victory!

Cross Blitz features an expansive single player campaign following the charming individual journeys of its playable heroes, building a turn-based RPG around a rewarding core of card-battling combat. Players explore Crossdawn Isle, an endearing land packed with memorable characters and secrets. Throughout each hero’s adventure, players unlock new abilities and access to distant regions through cleverly fought battles, crafting and earning a trove of strategy altering cards and perfecting decks customized to their preferred fighting styles. Cross Blitz's campaign spans more than 30 hours of adventures and encounters with outlandish and engaging characters in a beautiful, colorful pixel art world.

As a separately structured mode, Cross Blitz’s Tusk Tales tours an ever-shifting island map for a hugely replayable challenge where no two outings progress the same way. Choose from unique mercenaries, build their arsenal while enduring an increasingly difficult barrage from opponents, and track down unique landmarks offering formative choices which can lead to salvation or doom.


  • Deep Deckbuilding Strategy: Build unstoppable decks from more than 200 cards, customizing and perfecting strategies to fit unique playstyles
  • Thrilling Adventure: More than 30+ hours of rewarding questing awaits across the journeys, tribulations and discoveries of a colorfully realized cast
  • Endlessly Replayable Challenge: Brave Tusk Tales’ surprising outing on Crossdawn Isle, charting a randomized map while snagging powerful trinkets and enduring an increasingly tricky gauntlet
  • An Enthralling World: Brimming with colorful characters, peculiar locales and delightful secrets, Cross Blitz is as fun to discover as it is to behold


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Phil Giarrusso
Lead Artist
Tom Ferrer
Lead Programmer
Cactus Bear (Cesar Tovar)
Fat Bard (Zach Fendelman and Patrick Crecelius)