Blazing Chrome


It's time to blaze some chrome

The world is under the machines domination, militant AI-fueled computers rule the Earth while humans are expendable, lacking power, prestige or status among their machine overlords.

Choose to play as Mavra, a super badass human resistance soldier, or Doyle, the equally groovy and deadly insurgent robot. When a small group of rebels decide to overthrow their oppressors, it results in heavy casualties and a ton of lock-and-load fast-paced action where scraping robots and blazing chrome with your powerful weapons is the only thing standing between you and your freedom.


Developed by JoyMasherBlazing Chrome is a classic run’n’gun fully loaded with action and exciting fights.


Official website: www.blazingchrome.com




  • Two players
  • Realistic 16-bits post-apocalyptic environments
  • Classic fast-paced run-and-gun game
  • Epic boss fights
  • And more to come


Made by the awesome dudes of

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