Founded in 2005, CCCP is a French studio of nearly 20 developers united by a passion for premium role-playing and management games.

CCCP is committed to creating deep, challenging single-player experiences offering a wealth of content and a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

They joined The Arcade Crew in 2020 with The Last Spell.



Indie game studio based in Netherlands, TurtleBlaze makes games that make you feel epic. Exquisitely crafted juicy game experiences is what they stand for, and they hope you can see that shining through in their games.

They joined The Arcade Crew in 2019 with KUNAI.


If Young Souls is their first game as an indie studio, the guys from 1P2P have more than 12 years of experience in the video games industry. They are behind “Inside My Radio” – winner of Ludum Dare 23.


They joined the Arcade Crew in 2019 with Young Souls.

Hibernian Workshop

Hibernian Workshop is an Indie game studio based in France which worked on Dark Devotion. They joined The Arcade Crew in 2018 and are deeply inspired by Diablo 2, H.P Lovecraft and chiaroscuro paintings. One of the team members was a biochemist before dropping everything to make video games cloistered in a basement. His mama is not very proud.


Indie game studio based in Brazil and founded by Danilo Dias and Thais Weiller in early 2012. Hardcore retrogaming fans, JoyMasher made Oniken and Odallus and are currently working on the amazing run-and-gun Blazing Chrome. They know retro.

They joined The Arcade Crew in 2018 and like to put questionably shaped items in all their games. Yep.